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Things to Remember When Travelling Through France

Making sure that you know what the rules are is vital when travelling into any new territory. You may travel between GB and France on a regular basis and its therefore important that you know exactly what to expect and what you need to have ready!

Removal of the KAP

If you travel to France out of the ports of Folkestone and Dover, you may have had to complete your Kent Access Permit (KAP) on multiple occasions. These permits were put in place in order to prevent congestion issues within Kent and to make sure that any HGVs that were approaching the ports had the proper customs documentation. This helped to ensure that everyone who came into the port was ready to travel, preventing major delays.

Recently, the KAP was removed as officials felt it was no longer essential in order to prevent blockages and delays- with the majority of HGV drivers approaching the port with all of the appropriate documentation in place. This means that if you are travelling to France via the ports of Dover or Folkestone, you will no longer be required to obtain a KAP.

Blind-Spot Stickers

When travelling through France, any vehicle that weighs over 3.5 tonnes will be required to display a sticker that makes other road users aware of the blind spots on that vehicle. These stickers must be visible on both sides and the back of the vehicle, they must also be placed between 90cm and 1.5m in height.

Failure to place one of the official blind-spot stickers onto your vehicle may put you at risk of receiving a hefty fine which could be between €136 and €750.


Maintaining coronavirus regulations within the country you are travelling into is vital in order to ensure that the virus is unable to continue to spread at a fast rate.

Currently, France is operating under stricter lockdown measures and procedures than England, whilst a lot of shops have reopened, you still won’t be able to eat within a restaurant or cafe whilst you are there.

Coronavirus testing is still an essential part of crossing the border out of the UK, however it is no longer necessary for hauliers to have a negative test in order to travel to France.

Traffic Light System

Upon arrival in Calais, hauliers can expect to be filtered through different lanes which will determine whether they have completed all the necessary checks (green) or if they need to go to though further inspections (orange). This filter system is critical in order to reduce delays and prevent goods being held at port for longer than necessary, making sure you follow the rules is vital in order to ensure a smoother journey.

Making sure that you know the law in the country you are travelling to is vital in order to ensure that you reach your destination safely and easily. Make sure that you’re prepared by keeping a close eye on our blog for sector related updates.

28 April 2021

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