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Timeline of Changes to Imports from EU into GB UPDATED

UPDATE 29/04/2022

The requirement for safety and security declarations on imports into GB from the EU (S&S GB) will no longer be required in July 2022. This customs control requirement has been pushed back to the end of 2023.

It’s really important that your business is prepared for all of the further changes that will affect the way in which businesses operate and handle customs procedures when transporting goods from the EU into GB.

January 2022

Phytosanitary and Sanitary Goods

From the 1st January 2022 there will be huge changes when transporting phytosanitary and sanitary goods. All POAO (Products of Animal Origin) imports, will be required to hold a health certificate when entering GB from an EU member state. This will enable remote documentary checks to take place. These imports must also be pre-notified prior to arrival in GB by an importer through the IPAFFS (Import of Animals, Food and Feed System).

It will be vital that all ABP (Animal By-Products) are accompanied by a health certificate. If a health certificate isn’t available then you will be required to get in touch with APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency) and may then be able to travel the goods under both a licence and a commercial document instead. These goods and importers of HRFANO (High-Risk Food or Feed Not of Animal Origin) will also need to be pre-notified with IPAFFS.

More information available in the UK Government Import or move food and drink from the EU and Northern Ireland to Great Britain guide.

March 2022

Phytosanitary Goods

Starting 1st March 2022, all live animals (including equines) that are being imported into Great Britain from an EU member state will be required to hold a health certificate, allowing them to go through documentary, identity and physical checks at a BCP at the established point of entry. You will be required to have these goods pre-notified by the importer using IPAFFS.

From March 2022 all high-risk animals being imported to GB from the EU will be subject to established checks. The checks on other animals will be based upon biosecurity and public health risks at the time of import.

End of 2023

Safety & Security Declarations (S&S GB)

Currently, it is not a requirement for an ENS (Entry Summary Declaration) to be submitted on goods that are travelling from EU-GB. From the end of 2023, this will change and you will be required to submit the appropriate SSD (Safety and Security Declaration) each time you import good into and export goods out of Great Britain. Remember to check out the CustomsLink SSD/ENS builder to get these ready quickly and easily!

Import Customs Declarations

Full customs declarations are required for all goods at the time of import.

Phytosanitary and Sanitary Goods

From the end of 2023, POAO and ABP will need to enter GB from the EU at an established point of entry with a BCP (Border Control Post).

Germinal products from the EU will be required to hold a health certificate- enabling them to have their documentary checks. These goods must also be pre-notified through IPAFFS by the importer, prior to them moving into GB be subject to new customs import requirements from the end of 2023 upon arrival within GB.

All HRFANO imports should also enter through a BCP and must be pre-notified by an importer prior to their arrival in GB. This will enable documentary, identity and physical checks to be carried out before these goods reach their final destination.

It is vital that your business is prepared for all of these changes so that you don’t get held up with customs at a later date. Keep an eye on our blog to find out about more industry-related updates that may affect the way that you conduct business.


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