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Top 10 Freightlink Articles of 2017

It's always interesting to see what articles you were reading on our blog in the last year. It's quite a mixed bag!

10. New Freight Ferry Routes Now Available at Freightlink

"Our vision for Freightlink has always been to create the most accessible and efficient service that we could possibly provide for our customers, by that, we try to form the biggest network of countries and operators that we can, putting us ahead of the game and cutting out the middleman, creating the lowest possible price for the most efficient journeys"

9. We Love The Irish Sea - Happy Valentine's Day

"From all at Freightlink we wanted to say we love you, and a very Happy Valentine’s Day to you."

8. Should I travel on a freight or a passenger ferry?

"There are two different types of ferry available – a passenger, or “Ro-Pax” ferry, or a freight only ferry. Whether or not you decide to travel on a passenger or a freight ferry it can come down to the size of vehicle you are travelling with."

7. 9 Popular Truck Stops in the UK & Europe

"We've spoken to our freight customers and here are nine of the most popular truck stops near ferry ports & busy haulage routes in the UK & Europe."

6. Drivers' Working Hours - The Facts

"With the recent clarification by the European courts of the EU law regarding 45 hour rest periods being taken away from the lorry, we thought we'd take a brief look at rules regarding drivers' working hours."

5. What is MARPOL and its impact to the freight market?

"A MARPOL regulation, also called Sulphur Directive, is something which the European politicians have been pushing for a number of years to clean up the ferry industry."

4. Five Eurotunnel Safety & Security Controls

"In line with the latest technologies, Eurotunnel’s security control systems are designed to protect drivers, their vehicles and their loads every step of their journey. All checks are carried out BEFORE the crossing."

3. Mobile Phone Charges on Ferries

"Mobile phone charges are making the news at the moment. Not only because of what effect leaving the EU will have on plans for roaming charges, but also the various charges which can apply when on a freight ferry."

2. Facilities on Ferries - Everything a Freight Driver Needs to Know

"Whether it’s your first freight delivery to the continent or you’re taking a trip to a new destination for the first time, the facilities on board the ferry you take are important. They’ll make the difference between a comfortable trip and a terrible one."

1. Using Ferry Mode on a Digital Tachograph

"Earlier this year we wrote about HGVs and Drivers' Working Hours. One area which creates some confusion is how the 'Ferry Mode' on a digital tachograph should be used correctly."

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24 January 2018

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