Top Tips for Using Service Stations & Truckstops During the Pandemic

This year has been a learning curve for many. We have all had to change the way we live in order to stay safe. Whilst the nationwide lockdown has eased significantly, we are continually made aware that we must remain vigilant in order to help prevent a second-wave of the virus.

At present, all motorways and A-road service stations / truck stops are open and are not affected by local lockdowns. All services are providing:

  • Toilets
  • Fuel
  • Some food and drink options
  • Free short-stay parking

You may find that menu options are still limited and some opening hours may be reduced.

Here are our top tips for staying safe at service stations across the country.

Know What You Need Before You Visit

Currently, service stations have reopened albeit with some stricter hygiene measures in place. When you are planning your route, make sure that the service station that you are intending on visiting, be it for a quick bite to eat or an overnight stay, has what you’re looking for before you visit. Nothing is more annoying than going inside only to learn they are at full capacity or that the Burger King limited menu isn’t quite what you fancy. Avoid this by planning ahead and knowing what’s available before you commit to stopping.

Always Maintain COVID Measures

Despite lockdown measures easing, we're not ‘back to normal’. You must wear a facemask providing you don’t have any underlying health conditions. Don’t forget to bring it with you. If not for your own safety then for the sake of those around you. You could be asymptomatic. It is a little annoying but sacrificing a few moments of discomfort may help prevent the spread of the virus and allow for a speedy return to normality, or at least, a mask-free world.

Maintaining social distancing measures is also really important. You can enjoy your own personal space when waiting in a queue, safe in the knowledge that you aren’t contributing to the spread of the virus. It is still a little strange to most people but it can also be a nice thing (we are finally living in a world where people aren’t allowed to rudely barge past you in a shop!). Respect the measures and keep yourself safe.

Be Prepared for a Stop

As always, being on the road can be unpredictable. If you get a flat tyre or need a comfort break, you can make sure you’re prepared despite it being unplanned. Always keep a stash of masks, hand sanitiser and food and water in the cab. Not only will this help you be prepared for service stations but it is also handy for if you run into a bit of bad luck on the road.

Keep Safe and Be Sensible

Above all else, all any of us want is to return to normality. With initiatives like the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme we are being encouraged to return to our old way of living, helping our mental health as much as anything else.

Always make sure that you use your own sense of judgement to assess whether you should visit a particular service station or truck stop, or if you should move forward onto the next. Even if people are flouting all of the rules, ask yourself – is it worth it? No-one can assess your safety better than you.

Stay safe and stick to the rules and hopefully, we will see a more normalised 2021.

What is your experience with social distancing and COVID measures at service stations? Get in touch on social media and let us know

28 August 2020

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