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Trial of Overhead Power Line Powered E-Trucks Continues

We recently published an article about the first public motorway to feature overhead power lines for vehicles. This prototype debuted in Sweden. Since then another trial test area has been established in Germany.

The haulage company Bode has been selected as the pioneer for this project and it is anticipated that this test track for electric trucks will continue until 2018.

Six Kilometres of the A1 Motorway

The Federal Environment Ministry are supporting this project through an investment of approximately 14 Million Euros. A six kilometre section of the A1 Motorway between Reinfeld and Lübeck has been electrified in the hope of making the traffic hub between the Scandinavia and continental Europe more environmentally friendly long term. Future plans envisage up to five lorries outfitted with pantographs (the apparatus mounted on the roof of the truck) travelling between Reinfeld and the port of Lübeck on a regular basis. The supermarket giant Lidl is one of the largest and most important customers for Bode and they routinely resupply their subsidiaries in Scandinavia through the port of Lübeck.

Fossil Fuel Reduction

In a time where many companies and countries are pushing for reductions or even complete withdrawals from the use of Fossil fuels, this topic takes on an all together more significant importance. From the point of view of future utilisation, there is a strong likelihood that many companies will be following the results of this project very closely. Most importantly it will serve to highlight whether or not it makes financial sense to invest in newer technologies to expand or upgrade their existing vehicle fleets with E-Trucks.

There are currently two options for environmentally sustainable transport -

  • The transfer of goods from lorries onto rail
  • The utilisation of E-Trucks low-emission vehicles

The efficiency rating of almost 80% enables them to be almost twice as efficient as conventional trucks.

E-Trucks and Logistics

How can Logistics companies reduce their individual CO2 output? Through projects such as this it is possible for individual companies to reduce their CO2 carbon footprints, as well as through the transference of goods from Trucks onto rail or ferries.

It is too early to make concrete assessments from this project; as such we will keep you up to date with the latest developments as we receive them.

02 March 2017

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