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Tyre Pressure and the Effect on Fuel Consumption

In a time of ever increasing operating costs what can you do to reduce your fuel bills?

It’s absolutely correct that we are currently seeing fuel cost at the pumps fall but how can we as operators improve our fuel consumption? The answer is straight forward, ensure we use the correct pressure in our tyres.

20% of your vehicle's fuel consumption is used to try and overcome rolling resistance. Imagine that one full tank of fuel for every five filled! If you are operating with under inflated tyres this rolling resistance increases, and so does the cost! For a commercial vehicle this is even higher.

Under Inflated Tyres

A car tyre, under inflated by just 15% results in approx. 6% increase in fuel consumption. That’s an increase of £150 per annum if you spend just £2500 per year! A UK survey based on a commercial fleet including vans, cars and lorries outlined that operators could save upwards of £65000 per annum as well as reducing their carbon emissions by 117 tonnes by simply rectifying tyre pressures.

The cost of UK road users operating with under inflated tyres is estimated to cost motorists more than £440million as a result of wasting 370 million litres of fuel. This in addition to premature tyre removal due to excessive wear and tear, decreased road holding, and increased braking distances.

Isn’t it about time we all took a few minutes to check and rectify pressures? Time that is literally well spent.

*data taken for Michelin Tyre PLC.

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