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Vans Critical to UK Economy Says CEBR

A van revolution is occurring in the UK but what does this mean and how will it impact on the freight and logistics industry?

According to the CEBR (Centre for Economic and Business Research), it is implied from research done by them, that fleets of vans owned by courier companies and self-employed van drivers are big business.

The Centre for Economic and Business Research, calculates that UK businesses dependant on vans travelled more than 63 billion miles and contributed £120 billion to the UK economy. The data covered the period between 2009-2015.*

Significantly, it is our view that a so-called 'van revolution' is now taking place. But what is the evidence to back up this sweeping assertion? The CEBR data corroborates this view and we see it everyday as our inbound enquiries proportionally tend to be from van drivers.

The van revolution has increased van sales by over 400% since 2009, with an increase of 17.5% in workers moving away from traditional roles, to seek out careers as budding entrepreneurs, creating small businesses or sole traders.

The CEBR research also included a prediction that by 2017 there are expected to be 11.7 million start up business in the UK. A growing number of these businesses will at some point need a trusted van operator and/or courier to help deliver the goods & services. All indicators point to a bright future in the light haulage and courier industry, not to mentioned the increased demand on freight ferry operators.

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*Source - CEBR

13 May 2016

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