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What EU Citizens Need to Know About the Settlement Scheme in the UK

As a company which benefits from a fantastic multilingual team and with Brexit on the horizon, we thought we’d take a look at what EU citizens need to know about the Settlement Scheme in the UK. We’ve been helping some of our team with their EU Settlement Scheme applications, so we thought we would share what we know and how EU citizens can apply.

What we currently know

All EU citizens must register their residency in the United Kindgom, regardless of whether they hold an EEA document or just have a temporary residency notice. The EU Settlement Scheme comes into effect on the 30th June 2021.

If you are living in the UK before Brexit Day, you may carry on doing so whilst you await the results of your EU Settlement Scheme application.

The registration process is entirely free of charge to those applying.

There is a 96% success rate for nationals who apply with solely their National Insurance number.

How to apply

Although it might appear to be an extremely daunting process, the application process for registering for residency is very straight forward.


There are two separate aspects that need to be prepared before applying: documentation and equipment.

Due to the process being an online application, you will either need to access the website on a computer or using an Android phone. Unfortunately, the software is not compatible with iOS devices at the time being.

The link for the app can be found here:

Alternatively, the link for applying online can be found here:

In order to demonstrate your links to the United Kingdom, you will need to provide as many documents as possible to show your connections to the country -

  • You will need to provide either an EU passport or Biometric Residence Card (BRC) in order to establish your identity. (A driver’s license or birth certificate will not be accepted)
  • National Insurance number to provide previous working history/benefit claim
  • Original documentation to prove relationships with Non-EU national e.g. marriage certificate. Unfortunately, copies are not acceptable. If you have misplaced such documents, you will have to apply for new copies for their country of origin.

Application Process

The application process must be completed by yourself and yourself alone. There are exceptions for people who are less computer literate and minors under the age of 18.

For a step by step explanation, please see the official walk through provided by


Once you have successfully completed the application process then you will have to await the feedback from the authorities. Following approval, you will be issued a ‘Settled’ or ‘Pre-Settled’ Status.

  • 'Settled' Status is issued if you have lived in the UK for 5+ years
  • 'Pre-Settled' Status is issued if you are building up to a 5-year status

If your application is unsuccessful, applicants can appeal for the government to reconsider their decision.

After you have received your approval status you will receive a link, which shows your registered status and can be shared when required.

19 February 2020

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