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What is the RAlpin "Rolling Highway" train service?

RAlpin is a train service that transports HGVs between Novara (Italy) and Freiburg (Germany).

As a RORO (Roll On, Roll Off) or “Ro-La” service, RAlpin transports your vehicles (and contained goods) through Switzerland and the Swiss Alps to reach your destination on either side.

Boasting a travel time of just 11 hours and with 16 trains per day, RAlpin is a perfect solution for time-sensitive shipments. After driving their articulated lorries onto the train, drivers can enjoy safe travel on the accompanying passenger coach.

(Please note - maximum allowed vehicle length is 18.60m.)

One of the greatest advantages of the Rolling Highway is its positive environmental impact. As an alternative to freight vehicles driving under or across the Alps themselves, the RAlpin train saves around 30,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.

But how can it benefit you?

How will transporting goods via RAlpin help my business?

(Hint: the clue is in the name.)

  • R: Reduce fuel costs

Less time spent driving means less fuel used, which means you can save money on volatile fuel costs.

  • A: Avoid customs

When you transport goods between Germany and Italy via the RAlpin “Rolling Highway”, you can avoid meeting Swiss customs formalities.

  • L: Less wear & tear

You can minimise wear and tear on your artics and lorries by reducing your miles spent on the road.

  • P: Plenty of rest time

While your goods keep moving, your drivers can take some well-deserved rest time.

  • I: Includes hazardous goods

Vehicles transporting hazardous goods are just as welcome on the RAlpin train service.

  • N: Night time driving ban? No problem.

Switzerland’s night time and weekend driving bans can disrupt the transport of your goods. Avoid this inconvenience by moving your goods via the RAlpin “Rolling Highway”.

Why choose us?

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When you book your RAlpin tickets with us, you can enjoy all the fantastic benefits the service has to offer and more.

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