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Why should couriers book with Freightlink?

As a courier, why should I book with Freightlink?


Freightlink is built upon working to the highest demands of any business. Our team will do all they can to help you regardless of the size of your business and your experience. The reason why we make 10,000s of ferry bookings per year is because we are successful at providing this unparalleled level of customer service whether you travel once a day or once a year.


We pride ourselves on giving you the most efficient rates all your round, on every route. Not just during quiet periods when the ferry company and our competitors want your business, but 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We don’t ask you to commit to any level of volume to get our best prices. This applies across our full network of ferry routes. Freightlink also don’t charge to make freight ferry booking amendments. We will assist you to make the right ferry choice in the first instance. But in business, your ferry requirements may often change quickly, and freight tickets are normally free to cancel and amend. For example, you may find yourself held up at a collection or delivery point and need to switch to a later ferry. Freightlink are here to react to your demands with no charge.


Some owner drivers make ferry bookings on one route only. Some courier companies book multiple ferry and Eurotunnel routes daily. Our extensive route network means that you can find whichever route suits you, whenever you need to go. You can travel out on one route with one ferry operator, and return on a different route with a different ferry operator if that is what is best for you. You can make just one phone call to book several ferries to destinations such as Sweden, Finland or Greece.


Ferry bookings should not be difficult, which is why we designed our website around making it easier for you. We know that couriers spend a lot of time on the road and are always working so we made it quick and easy for you to get prices and make bookings via our dedicated mobile site at any time of day or night. Our investment in IT means you can make a booking via our website or mobile site even outside of our office hours and have confirmation in your email inbox within minutes on our most popular routes.

As a courier, light haulier or parcel distributor, how can I get more business?

Freightlink deals with hundreds our couriers throughout the UK and Europe. We recommend that along with building your own networks, you consider joining a freight exchange. One within the UK that provides a high level of service is the Courier Exchange.

As a courier is it best to open an account or pay as you go for my ferry bookings?

The vast majority of our clients prefer to pay as you go. We don’t commit our pay as you go customers to any level of volume or spend, and this means that you can book what you need, when you need it. We operate a highly secure system which records your card details off site. In fact, our customer service team never gets to see your card details. Once you have opened an account online, you will be provided with secure login credentials so you can make new bookings online or via our mobile site. On your second ferry booking you can also ring our customer service team where we can then make a repeat transaction against your original card.

15 July 2014

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