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Why You Should Shop Around For Fuel in Europe

Whether you're driving your family car locally or hauling a load to Poland via ferry, diesel and petrol prices are constantly fluctuating. It is also not helped by the weak pound and issues with the GBP to EUR exchange rate. Although, it is good to hear in 2016 Autumn Statement that fuel duty will continue to be frozen in 2017 at 57.95 pence.

With all this in mind, we thought we'd take a look at some of the current average prices of diesel available in the UK and on the continent.

Fuelling Up When Travelling to Poland

As an example of how savings can be made by fueling up in different locations in Europe, lets take a look at a journey from Birmingham, UK to Warsaw, Poland by road and Dover to Calais ferry, which is approximately 2000 km.

Here are some of the countries you may pass through on an average UK to Poland job and the price of diesel fuel in each.

Country Price per Litre (Euros)*
United Kingdom € 1.353
France € 1.142
Belgium € 1.236
Netherlands € 1.268
Germany € 1.109
Poland € 0.923

*Prices correct 22nd November 2016

As you can see there are definite savings to be made by purchasing your diesel on route.

If you can solely fuel up in Poland then there's a potential saving of around €437!

Fuelling up at Ferry Ports

Finding fuel at most European ports shouldn't be a problem, which makes it even easier to take advantage of the price savings. Remember not every service station will be suitable for HGVs, so plan ahead to make sure you are not short on fuel.

For example, near Calais

Service stations near Calais

Travelling Further Afield

There are further savings to be made if you're travelling further afield - for example, only €0.647 in Moldova - so with a combination of a Google Maps service station search and the latest fuel prices, you really can be quids in!

For further information on current fuel prices, check out the Fuel Prices Europe website.

22 November 2016

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