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UPDATE 18/05/17

Wightlink car ferries to and from Fishbourne will use Portsmouth International Port (Cruise and Cross Channel Ferry Terminal) on the 24th May. This will allow our contractors to carry out work at Portsmouth car ferry terminal. As crossing times will be longer, we have drawn up a revised timetable for these days.

In addition, please note:

  • No stand-by traffic will be accepted at PIP
  • Dangerous goods cannot be shipped during these days

Here are the full details provided by Wightlink:

Smoking Policy Change

Tuesday 18th April : Wightlink ferries become smoke-free.

Smoke-free ferries are safer and cleaner, which is better for everyone. The decision was taken following a fire on an outside deck of a ferry, which started in a cigarette bin.

Overnight Route Closure

Monday 25th April - Thursday 27th April : Overnight closure of Ports-Fish route. Works commence Monday night and conclude Friday morning.

  • Last sailings 20:00 ex-Ports & 20:50 ex-Fish
  • Services resume 05:00 ex-Ports & 06:00 ex-Fish

Extra sailings on Lym-Yar route

  • Ex-Lym 23:05, 01:05 & 03:05
  • Ex-Yar 23:59, 02:00 & 04:00

St Clare Essential Maintenance

Tuesday 9th May - Thursday 11th May : Revised Vessel Rotation in Operation. Reduced capacity even hour Fishbourne and odd hour Portsmouth.

Port Diversion

Tuesday 16th May - Thursday 18th May : Ferries use Portsmouth International Port

  • Revised timetable in operation
  • No vehicles accepted at PIP without a booking
  • No stand-by traffic accepted
  • No dangerous goods can be carried
  • Extra security measures, vehicles are subject to search
  • Freight drivers must have a passport if they wish to leave their vehicles
  • For directions to the Cruise and Cross Channel Ferry Terminal

Overnight Route Closure

Saturday 20th May : Overnight closure of Ports-Fish route

  • Last sailings 19:00 ex-Ports & 20:00 ex-Fish
  • Services resume 07:00 ex-Ports & 08:00 ex-Fish

Extra sailings on Lym-Yar route

  • Ex-Lym 23:05, 01:05 & 03:05
  • Ex-Yar 23:59, 02:00 & 04:00

If you already have bookings on any of the closure or diversion days, we shall move them to the nearest available sailing and send you details of your new booking. For more information, check out our Wightlink ferry operator page.

18 May 2017

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