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Your Favourite Freightlink Articles of 2018

We're ending the year by sharing with you the biggest Freightlink articles of the year! From the best service stations in the UK to our guide on how to save money on fuel, it's been one heck of a varied year!

Brittany Ferries to Introduce Cork - Santander Route

Brittany Ferries Ferry

In January, Brittany Ferries announced a new ferry route Ireand and Spain, carrying up to 500 passengers with space for 195 cars. She hosts 2,225 lane metres of garage space and Brittany Ferries expected a fifty-fifty split between passengers and freight carried.

Five of the Best Service Stations & Truck Stops in 2018

Map of England

In July, we highlighted the best service stations & truck stops in the UK. We know how important it is for drivers to find the best place to stop off when they’re out on the road. Whatever your needs, always plan your stops to avoid ending up in an unlit layby with a stale sandwich!

Van, Artic, Rigid Lorry or Road Train – Which One Is the Most Suitable for Your Job?

Mercedes Trucks

In May, we outlined the right vehicle for your job. Did you know that the word lorry comes from the Old English term ‘to lurry’, which means ‘to pull’? It’s not just the word lorry that has developed over time; vehicles have developed too.

8 New Commercial Vans for 2018

Ford Van

In January, we also updated you on new commercial vans being released in 2018. A quick look at what couriers and van drivers could expect from the likes of Ford, Citroen, Mercedes-Benz and more.

Former Stena Line Ferry to be Used as Space Rocket Landing Pad

Stena Line Ferry

In November, it was revealed that a former Stena Line ferry is to be used as a space rocket landing pad. Founded by Amazon owner Jeff Bezos in 2000, Blue Origin will be using the 11,000 tonne ferry to recover the first-stage section of the spacecraft's rocket boosters.

Brexit Update - 'No Deal' Maritime, Transport & Logistics Technical Notices

UK and EU Flag

In October, we wrote about everyone's favourite subject, Brexit. On the 13th September, the UK Government issued a number of Brexit related documents, including several technical notices related to the maritime, transport and logistics industry regarding ferry port entry, international driving permits, driver identity documents and trailer registration.

Are 'Trucker Hotels' the Answer to the 45 Hour Rest Rule?

Hotel Neon Sign

In February, we took a close look at 'Trucker Hotels', one of the ideas currently on the table to meet the Drivers' 45 hour rest rule. This proposal, however, was proving controversial. Although the weekly rest break may still include using the truck cab to sleep in, the rest period must be taken in a formal rest area such as a service area or truck stop. Drivers who ignore this policy face sanctions including fixed penalty notices of £300 (RHA).

New MOT Requirements - What You Need to Know


In May, it was all about the new MOT requirements. Changes to MOT regulation came into effect on Sunday 20th May 2018, whilst HGVs are affected by other tests, many commercial vans may find themselves affected when they have their next MOT test. It has now become a legal offence not to record any dangerous, major or minor defects. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action taken by the DVSA.

P&O Ferries Update - Cross Channel Plug In & Open Deck Availability

P&O Ferries Logo

In April, we posted about the Cross Channel Plug In and Open Deck availability on P&O Ferries. As quoted from P&O, "It has been clearly notified to us that we are no longer allowed to have running engines on deck due to risk of fire, as per MCA guidance (MGN 341 and MGN21). Our fleet on our Cross Channel service now have the capabilities of offering a plug-in on board, for various power supplies."

How to pay less for FUEL when DIESEL is costing more!

Fuel Pumps

In June, we let you all know how you can pay less for you fuel, despite diesel prices skyrocketing! With the cost of petrol and diesel rising every day for two months we were all feeling the squeeze. The increase had been blamed on the rising cost of oil, the price of diesel has seen an overall rise of 7½% since January, the implications have been significant for frequent road users.

We hope you all had a great 2018 and enjoyed our posts. We will be regularly updating you with all ferry freight related news and events throughout 2019 as well!

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