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Should you lease or buy your Truck?

This is a similar question to that which faces someone buying a car which they intend to own and run. However, a key difference is that, in the case of a van or truck, the inclusion of many of the routine costs of servicing and maintenance in the contract payment provides a great deal of peace of mind against any of these costs arising unforeseen.

In a nutshell, working for yourself brings added responsibility when it comes to maintaining a vehicle, especially one that you own yourself but depend on to run your freight business.

In that respect, that can make all the difference between being able to keep a vehicle on the road – and therefore earning money for the trips the van makes on courier runs for example – and having to withstand a period when, with a vehicle out of commission, the owner has no source of regular income.

The more favourable option:

On the other hand, the biggest argument in favour of buying a vehicle is that, at the end of the term of your finance agreement, you will own it outright, and so will be able to reduce your operating costs by the amount of your monthly finance payments. So if you have a reliable mechanic who can help you keep your van or truck on the road – or you have that skill yourself – buying outright is likely to work out the more favourable option, whereas if you don't have the skills or facilities to maintain your transport, a lease can factor in these costs.

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