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What's Good about being a Freight Driver?

The very fact that lots of people do enjoy driving for a living means that there is a good regular flow of potential workers into the logistics sector.

But even that isn't enough to keep pace with the growth in demand for keen new drivers and others to work behind the scenes, helping to keep those trucks and other vehicles rolling.

There are several good reasons why driving for a living is so satisfying:

  1. You can take pride in playing a part in keeping the wheels of industry and commerce moving. Every time you or your friends or family go into a store, you'll know that you, or others doing a similar job to yours, have helped ensure that its shelves are kept stocked with all their essentials.
  2. You'll visit places you would probably never go to otherwise. Anyone who has a yearning to discover new places, and a curiosity about the geography of their own country, continent, or even the world, will find driving a great way of doing so and satisfying that yearning.
  3. You'll enjoy an element of freedom and independence, and be able to use your own initiative. While your daily routine might be carefully mapped-out depending on the number and locations of deliveries needing to be made, you will be expected to make regular snap decisions which could make the difference between all your deliveries being completed on time, or you having to work late to finish them.
  4. No two days are likely to be the same. Transport operators know that keeping drivers on the same routes day in, day out is not the best use of their skills. So as a commercial vehicle driver, you can expect to have a varied daily schedule, with visits to a variety of destinations and calling points. And each time you visit, the situations you face will be different, meaning that your initiative in solving problems which arise at short notice will be highly valued.
  5. You won't be tied to a nine-to-five daily regime. If you're happy to work flexible hours, and don't want to be part of the 'rat race', then a job as a commercial driver could be one of your best options. It might mean that you get to experience driving at the times when it is least stressful, as the roads will be much less busy, and there'll be fewer things to potentially distract you from the job in hand.

It must be said, though, that driving certainly isn't for everyone. While there has been a massive improvement in the amount and standards of facilities on offer for drivers during their all-important rest periods, and in the equipment they have in their vehicles themselves, there can be regular elements of stress. This might be caused often by having to meet tight delivery schedules, unforeseen incidents causing delays which are then difficult to recover from, and as a result ending up having to work longer than expected.

These concerns must also be balanced against the realisation that all HGV drivers are closely monitored via the tachograph in their cab, which keeps track of their working times, and is designed to ensure that they take the breaks required by national and international laws.

However, these regulations are ultimately put in place to protect the one behind the wheel and their livelihood.

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05 September 2014

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