I heard some issues about oil spillage. What is it?

In Feb 2016 Stenaline's Freight Customer Service Team for Gdynia sent its customers an email warning them of the issue of safety on board car decks in relation to oil spills.

Stenaline had recorded incidences onboard of fuel leakage from over-filled tanks during a sea voyage. Common in Poland, many drivers fill their trucks up with diesel before embarkation and it may cause a spillage while crossing due to the expansion of oil in the tank, overheating, or because of inaccurate closing of the filler cap. The effects of spillage may be very serious, including the risk of fire or accidents.

Stenaline asked its customers to advise drivers not to over-fill trucks during bunkering in order not to risk over flooding the deck. There is a charge in case of spillage, cost of such service is approx. 250€.

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