What is the difference between a passenger booking and a freight booking?

Passenger, or tourist, bookings are generally classed as people travelling on holiday. A freight booking must be made for all Commercial Vehicles designed for the purpose of carrying goods for hire and reward or other commercial practices.

If you pay road tax as a Commercial Vehicles, you will have to travel as FREIGHT. This includes Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) – Vans with no side windows.

Ferry operators are clamping down on Commercial Vehicles travelling on passenger tickets. Some are even imposing a “spot fine” on some routes, forcing the vehicle to re-book on a freight booking. These "window rates" are usually very high in comparison to the bulk discounted rates we can offer you.

Freight tickets also have other added benefits including:

  • Access to freight lounges on board.
  • Some routes will also include free meals and/or a berth in a cabin.

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