What happens if I misdeclare the vehicle length/height/width?

If you accidentally book the wrong length vehicle, please let us know so we can amend it.

Many ships which operate on busy routes are tightly controlled and vehicles which turn up with different dimensions can adversely affect the loading of the ship.

We will always work to resolve any issues caused by vehicles which are longer or wider than booked and it is rare that a vehicle will not travel, but you may be refused shipment on busy sailings.

Please note that most of the ferry operators have auto-measuring equipment. Any vehicle which arrives at the port longer than is declared, or with a wide load on board is likely to be subject to additional charges.

All freight ferry prices are determined by total length of the vehicle travelling so if there is a difference in price between the length you have booked and the length you have shipped we will charge the difference.

Vehicle heights are less of an issue and your only restriction is the total height the vessel can accept which will normally be between 4.5m and 5m. If you are worried about the height of your vehicle please speak to our Customer Service Team.

If your vehicle falls outside the standard dimensions of 18m long x 2.6m wide x 44 tonne please contact our Customer Service Team. Some ferry operators may require you to fill in additional documentation prior to shipment.

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