What has Manston Airfield got to do with Operation Stack?

In July 2015 Manston Airfield was chosen as a location in which to coordinate freight traffic when the M20 'Operation Stack' is at full capacity. Why? Basically Operation Stack is a form of traffic control but it's controversial. Why? Because it is highly disruptive. Isn't there a better solution? Not really.

Kent Police and Kent County Council have struggled with managing the amount of traffic flow into Dover. The main problem is: where to put the freight traffic. In fairness to Kent Police and the Council, no one anticipated the problems French strikers would cause (see MyFerryLink), not to mention migrants storming Calais security fences creating a hotbed of chaos.

The airfield is located several miles north of the Port of Dover. The A299 off the M2 is used to get to it and the A256 is used to get into Dover. When Opstack is in use it slowly pushes traffic to the Port of Dover, but at its worst it stops freight traffic completely. Therefore freight traffic is diverted into Manston Airport before being sent to Dover. It is hope this Airfield will reduce traffic using the M20 corridor.

Will it work? Nobody knows yet. The Department of Transport have issued an official guide for freight traffic on the M20 should #Opstack be in use.

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