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Covid-19 is still around us throwing some punches, and this gives us as a shipping company, with routes to and from Norway, big challenges. As most of you probably know, our business is based on both the passenger and freight marked, with a heavy overweight on the passenger marked.…
25 September 2020
Commercial van and driver
You may already be aware of the significance of midnight on the 31st December 2020 and how it marks the end of the UK transition period. From the 1st January 2021 the UK will no longer operate as...
22 September 2020
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We have seen an increase in the number of vehicles shipping loaded with puppies/kittens into the UK, along with this increase  is has been highlighted that there has been some concerns about the...
18 September 2020
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We would like to remind you to collect unaccompanied shipments in a timely manner from our terminals in Liverpool and Dublin, whose primary function is to facilitate a safe shipping operation. We...
18 September 2020
United Kingdom
The latest Brexit news has recently revolved around the Northern Ireland Protocol. You may be wondering what this means and how it may impact the future of trade between the rest of the United...
17 September 2020


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