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When we think of etiquette, nice tables manners spring to mind. But etiquette extends to all walks of life. We asked our friends at TruckNet what annoys them the most when they’re on the road and what they consider to be vital road etiquette.…
21 January 2020
UPDATED 17/01/2020 14.16 GMT Operator Route Sailing Time Status Stena Line Fishguard - Rosslare 17/01/2020 13.10 CANCELLED (TECHNICAL) Stena Line Rosslare - Fishguard...
17 January 2020
New Year Goal Plan Action
No matter how many years go by, we all seem to make the same promises to ourselves. This will be the year we reinvent ourselves: we’ll join a gym, clean the house every day, drink less, cook from...
16 January 2020
DFDS logo
To minimise potential waiting times, we would like to remind you of the additional services we are offering at the Ports of Calais, Dover and Dunkerque. Priority Lane This is available at...
15 January 2020
Stena Line high visibility vest
We have seen an increase of freight drivers not wearing High Visibility clothing or jackets on our terminals and ships. As Stena Line we have the Safety as the top priority for both our own...
14 January 2020


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