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quick book recent routes panel
We have recently rolled out a new feature to the Freightlink website - Quick Book Recent Routes. With the new feature, logged in customers can now see their three most frequently used routes on the homepage and start the booking process in just one click. …
21 June 2018
High, wide, heavy loads on ferries
The size and weight of a vehicle can greatly affect the cost of a ferry booking. But do you know why? Wide Loads A standard trailer is around 2.5 metres wide. Wider loads are more expensive...
21 June 2018
Seatruck Precision ferry
A €100 million investment by Seatruck Ferries will increase capacity on the Warrenpoint to Heysham route by 30%. Seatruck will deploy two larger freight ferries on the route later this summer, in...
19 June 2018
truck and ferry
When it comes to travelling by freight ferry, the 'dos and don’ts' most likely come as second nature to a seasoned traveller. But hey, there's nothing wrong with a reminder now and then. ...
19 June 2018
Eurotunnel truck park
As part of their major Freight Terminal improvements, Eurotunnel have made significant investment to provide a secure Truck Park for drivers and to reinforce the protection of...
14 June 2018


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