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Railway tunnel
A railway tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn has been proposed as a way to connect the Finnish and Estonian capitals. However, what is the likelyhood of this becoming a reality? How would it affect ferry travel?…
15 March 2018
Eurotunnel tanker
For safety reasons, all access points to your tanker, including any additional locking systems (particularly weatherboards) must be fully secured before boarding Eurotunnel Freight shuttles....
14 March 2018
Loading van
Is there such a thing as a typical day for a courier van driver? Probably not. But if there is, we think it probably looks a little something like Nigel's... Monday 04:15 My alarm goes...
13 March 2018
International Women's Day logo
With today being International Women’s Day across the world, we at Freightlink are doffing our caps to the women in the Industry who quite often go unnoticed. It’s odd that in this day and age...
08 March 2018
Eurotunnel VP van
Our Eurotunnel VP schedule pages have been updated with an enhanced live availability feature and fixed header for clearer crossing dates and an improved customer experience. Check out our video...
08 March 2018


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