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DFDS is testing and developing drones that can help them to keep track of the trailers in the terminals. This is in cooperation with Lorenz Technology, a Danish company developing drones based on Artficial Intelligence.…
23 May 2019
Brittany Ferries logo
Brittany Ferries have released a statement saying a restriction will be in force on the 6th June 2019 to prohibit the movement of HGVs of more than 7.5 tonnes during the...
17 May 2019
Grimaldi Lines Med
With the summer season fast approaching there is plenty of interest in the Mediterranean Sea, especially in the freight ferry business. As tourist numbers soar in the summer months, demand...
16 May 2019
P&O Ferries logo
A Commercial Drivers Club is now open in Hull, Europoort and Zeebrugge. Membership is free, and drivers will receive a swipe access card for the Club and a free P&O Ferries Commercial Drivers...
14 May 2019
Belfast Port
Belfast Harbour has committed to investing £15m to re-develop Victoria Terminal 2 (VT2), which services cross-water traffic on the Belfast <> Liverpool route. The project will enable the...
14 May 2019


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