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Eurotunnel Shuttle
The Eurotunnel Freight service from Freightlink is now available in Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian.…
19 July 2018
Irish Sea route map
The Irish Ferries ship MV Ulysses is currently out of action due to a technical problem. This is causing severe disruption to all sailings on the Irish Sea. "Ulysses entered drydock in Belfast...
13 July 2018
Driver blurry vision
Lorry drivers must meet stringent eyesight requirements with a medical and vision check required when they first apply for their HGV licence. They must then have the same checks every five years...
12 July 2018
Eurotunnel maintenance
As part of the project initiated by GETLINK to build a 1GW electrical connector through the Channel Tunnel, Eurotunnel would like to remind you that they will be carrying out essential...
11 July 2018
UK - Northern Ireland video
BOOK AN IRISH SEA FREIGHT FERRY TO NORTHERN IRELAND This handy video shows you the best freight ferry options for crossing the Irish Sea - UK <> Northern Ireland.…
11 July 2018


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