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It has been brought to our attention that there have recently been several instances of freight drivers smoking in cabins on board the Connemara. This obviously poses a very serious risk to the safety of the vessel, its passengers and crew, and cannot be tolerated by Brittany Ferries.…
14 November 2018
Stena Freighter
Privately funded aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company, Blue Origin is to use a Ro-Ro ferry previously owned by Stena Line as a space rocket landing pad. Founded by Amazon...
01 November 2018
Flensburger shipyard
We are more than used to boarding ferries in our trucks and vans, but have you ever thought about how that ship got there? The construction of ships is almost as old as time, however nowadays...
31 October 2018
Clock cogs
Don't forget to put your clocks back this weekend - Sunday 28th October at 02.00. How dark will the UK get in winter? There is over 9 hours’ difference in the amount of sunlight between the...
26 October 2018
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From the 1st November, all commercial vehicles must enter the Port of Genoa via the San Benigno gate. This is due to the recent, tragic events on the Morandi bridge. To gain access to the port,...
26 October 2018


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