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Just how do you plan for something that is indefinable? …
16 August 2019
A very Happy St Patrick's Day. We Love the Irish... Sea. Over the past few weeks, we have run a series of articles and incentives in order to ensure that you are getting the best deal for your...
16 March 2017
freightlink ferry routes throughout europe
Here at Freightlink, we are proud of what we do. When you become one of our partners, you are under our absolute care and attention.  We know our service levels are second to none (...
16 March 2017
Irish Sea Irish Ferries Dublin Swift
Did you know that there are seven ferry ports that vans and trucks can cross the Irish Sea from in the UK? 1. Liverpool to Dublin One of the most popular routes...
15 March 2017
Let us make it easy for you . . . One of the things we pride ourselves on at Freightlink is our knowledge and understanding of where you, our customers, travel to throughout Europe. Whether...
14 March 2017


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