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Portsmouth International Port
Operation Transmission concerns the port of Portsmouth and details plans to reduce and hopefully avoid severe congestion after we leave the EU.…
22 October 2019
toll road
Whilst road tolls were originally devised to cover the cost of the road’s construction, the majority of toll contributions are now spent on making road usage more environmentally sustainable. When...
04 July 2019
Eurotunnel Freight children
With the approach of the summer holidays, we would like to remind you that for safety reasons only children aged 12 years and over are authorised to travel on our Freight Shuttles. When drivers...
02 July 2019
Wind Turbine Field
With climate change currently very relevant in the maritime industry, we thought we would shine a light on Britain's zero-carbon electricity usage. This year for the first time, according to...
02 July 2019
Over Father’s Day weekend, whilst everyone else was running around gathering last minute cards and fighting over the last pair of ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ socks in Sainsburys, the team at Freightlink...
27 June 2019


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