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"Expanding our Baltic Sea operations with modern RoPax vessels on our routes from Latvia to Sweden and Germany…
09 April 2021
In order to maintain the smooth movement of goods it is important that supply chain members are fully informed about all of the new customs rules to avoid delays at ports, especially when it comes to...
11 February 2021
We all know that things have changed recently. From Covid to customs, transporting freight has become more challenging than ever before. Despite all of the new obstacles, our team are still...
11 February 2021
When transporting animal and plant origin products, a DSCE/CHED (EU sanitary document) is mandatory, in addition to MRN/ barcodes, when travelling from UK to France. Please ensure that his...
09 February 2021
chevrolet station wagon alcohol
We all know that the new customs procedures were implemented on the first of January this year. Since then, documentation and paperwork detailing the goods you are transporting between the UK...
08 February 2021


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