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Plastic cup rubbish
In the past year alone, more awareness has been brought to the impact of climate change than ever before. The ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising and over 12 million tonnes of plastic enter the sea each year. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that the way we live is taking its toll on the planet.…
24 June 2019
Sweden-Denmark Öresund bridge at sunset.
Every summer there is substantial growth in the number of freight ferry bookings to one particular direction in Europe – Scandinavia. Geographically, Scandinavia consists of Denmark, Sweden and...
22 August 2014
Deck of an empty freight ferry ready to depart
Why should I book as freight? It is a question we are often asked by couriers and van operators. Why should I book a freight ticket rather than jumping on a ferry company’s website and booking a...
15 August 2014
a global sign trust seal for security
Our website is being constantly improved and modernised. We want to exceed the demands of the Internet era, this is why we invest not only in new content and features, but also in web security....
05 August 2014
image of van driver on the road transporting freight
Why should I book with Freightlink? Service Freightlink works to the principles of meeting everyone’s highest demands. The reason why we book 10,000s of ferry bookings per year is because we...
15 July 2014


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