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Portsmouth International Port
Operation Transmission concerns the port of Portsmouth and details plans to reduce and hopefully avoid severe congestion after we leave the EU.…
22 October 2019
scandlines hybrid ferry
Hybrid vehicles are now common place on our roads, but not until recently have we seen development of the technology within the ferry industry. Hybrid cars typically use a combination of an...
12 September 2016
How To Book a Ferry with Our Interactive Port Map
This month, we give you a brief demonstration of how to use our Interactive Port Map to make a freight ferry booking. You can use the map to book a freight ferry ‘from this port, to this port’ and...
07 September 2016
HGV Push Ups
Here at Freightlink the health and wellbeing of our customers is important to us and we understand the difficulties in leading an active lifestyle when you're behind the wheel of a truck or van all...
06 September 2016
flickr logo
We regularly update our collection of ferry operator photos on our Flickr page. Our Director Mark has recently been on holiday in the Mediterranean. So, being a ferry fan, he has taken a few...
30 August 2016


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