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UPDATED 17/01/2020 14.16 GMT Operator Route Sailing Time Status Stena Line Fishguard - Rosslare 17/01/2020 13.10 CANCELLED (TECHNICAL) Stena Line Rosslare - Fishguard…
17 January 2020
Eurotunnel Christmas & New Year Schedule
The Eurotunnel Christmas & New Year timetable is now available. Plan your Eurotunnel bookings with Freightlink with the schedule below. Christmas New Year 24th...
09 November 2016
How To Change Your Web Account Password
One of the most common questions our customer service team are asked is 'How do I change my web account password?'. Well, here's a 46 second video showing you how. It's easy! If you have any...
08 November 2016
driver health - making your money go further
In a continuation of our Driver Health series, we are back with our 3rd instalment. Part one looked at driver posture, and part 2 offered advice and ideas to avoid driver loneliness, which can creep...
07 November 2016
Freight ferry secure cargo
UPDATE 28/10/16 Stena Line have issued their latest Lashing Point information sheet for secure and safe stowage. Challenging weather conditions at sea during autumn and winter can cause...
28 October 2016


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