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As part of the project initiated by GETLINK to build a 1GW electrical connector through the Channel Tunnel, we would like to remind you that we will be carrying out essential overnight tunnel maintenance works during the nights of 4th to 7th December and 11th December resulting in a reduced timetable.…
30 November 2020
ford transit van
At any one moment there are more 3.5 million vans or Light Goods Vehicles (LGVs) registered for use in businesses across the UK. This number is growing annually, which means that the 'van', in all...
22 November 2016
freight ferry public lounge with restaurant and bar
There are two different types of ferry available – a passenger, or “Ro-Pax” ferry, or a freight only Ro-Ro ferry.  Whether or not you decide to travel on a passenger or a freight ferry it can...
21 November 2016
P&O Zeebrugge terminal expansion
P&O Ferries have opened their ferry terminal expansion in Zeebrugge, Belgium with the aim to double freight capacity. By enlarging the terminal by 14 hectares (including a fourth...
17 November 2016
Christmas Market Food
Last month we published part 1 of our Christmas markets in Germany series in which we elaborated on the background behind the event, as well as provided a number of examples of famous Christmas...
16 November 2016


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