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It has been brought to our attention that there have recently been several instances of freight drivers smoking in cabins on board the Connemara. This obviously poses a very serious risk to the safety of the vessel, its passengers and crew, and cannot be tolerated by Brittany Ferries.…
14 November 2018
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As we look at the clock, it is 157 days, 11 hours and 59 minutes until Britain leaves the European Union (as far as we know). What do we know? Well that's a difficult question to answer,...
23 October 2018
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We recently surveyed our Eurotunnel Freight Vans on Passenger (VP) customers about their experience with Freightlink and the Eurotunnel service for commercial van drivers, couriers and logistics...
16 October 2018
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"Friday’s weather system has been named as Storm Callum by Met Eireann. The strongest winds are likely in western Ireland though North West parts of the UK can expect severe gales." UK Met...
12 October 2018
Tachograph print out
Tachographs have come a long way from the traditional, analogue wax coated paper discs. Current digital tachographs consist of an electronic storage device and digital driver card, which store the...
10 October 2018


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