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As we enter the Winter period, NorthLink Ferries would again like to remind all customers the importance of presenting secure cargo for shipping. Inadequate securing and incorrect declaration of weights is an extremely serious issue, with the potential to endanger the vessel, crew and passengers.…
30 September 2020
From April 4th 2016 Stena Line offered freight customers an extended ferry schedule for the Rostock-Trelleborg route. This included five departures per day during the seasons of low demand but six...
24 May 2016
White vans parked up in Oxford, UK
A van revolution is occurring in the UK but what does this mean and how will it impact on the freight and logistics industry? According to the CEBR (Centre for Economic and Business Research), it...
13 May 2016
DFDS Freight Ferry going to dunkirk
Over the past year DFDS have made considerable investment in service improvements and Dunkirk port renovations. The new ferry tonnage increased capacity and availability, the operator now offers...
29 February 2016
UK freight Ferries Strong Performance
UK domestic ferries have performed best in 2015 when compared with Irish and Continental companies. Ferry routes, including some traditional freight routes, to domestic destinations like the...
16 February 2016


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