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Currently, we have ended up in the situation where Stena Line (Port & Terminals) spend a lot of time correcting incorrectly entered data. Consider, for example, a situation in which the goods description, gross weight, document type or document number does not match the entry in the ENS.…
25 February 2021
brexit jigsaw pieces
The details of what a non EU UK will look like is months and months away, possibly up to 2 years away! What we can look to is countries such as Norway, and see what a deal could look like and see how...
05 July 2016
As the UK, the European Union and indeed the World come to terms with the news of Brexit the financial and economic markets had been holding their collective breath in anticipation of a cataclysmic...
04 July 2016
New Euro Van Emission Standard Sept 2016
New Euro emission standards for vans come into effect 01st Sept 2016. As previously reported, freight ferries operating in MARPOL sea areas have had to reduce engine emissions. As part of the UK...
07 June 2016
Migrant Issues Persist in Northern European Routes
Earlier in the year we published an article about Sweden introducing border checks over increased numbers of migrants attempting to cross into the country from Denmark. For example, the ...
01 June 2016


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