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Reviews tell all. On our review dashboard we boast an incredible 4.81 star rating with 96% of our customers from all across Europe saying they would recommend us to other people.…
12 April 2021
Remember, if you are making a ferry or Eurotunnel booking for a van carrying tools, it MUST be booked as freight with the appropriate customs declarations. VAN BOOKING...
19 March 2021
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Our Rotterdam terminal is currently facing health and safety issues when (used) mobiles are delivered/collected on own wheels. Respective drivers enter or leave terminal by foot, often not wearing...
17 March 2021
St Patrick's Day
St Patrick's Day is ordinarily cause for an international celebration. This year however, we will probably see less hangovers and no leprechaun costumes walking the streets. Don’t worry though!...
17 March 2021
gb customs changes 2022
Whilst the original plan for new GB customs checks including sanitary/phytosanitary and safety and security declarations was supposed to occur in July 2021, the plans have been altered in...
16 March 2021


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