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UPDATE 29/05/2020 09.42…
29 May 2020
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For any reservation of tickets and passenger boarding until 11/05/2020, a prefectural derogation is compulsory. It must be requested by email, providing supporting documents and reasons for the...
15 April 2020
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TT-Line closely monitors the development of the coronavirus outbreak. TT-Line acts in accordance to the guidelines and instructions set by national and international health authorities. For your...
14 April 2020
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UPDATE 14/04/2020 11.56 In connection with introduction of new regulations in order to prevent spreading epidemic of the coronavirus – compulsory covering mouth and nose in public places (since 16...
14 April 2020
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As a result of the sailing schedule amendment, please be advised about the following information : Dieppe Freight Terminal : Monday - Friday : from 08:30am to 7pm Saturday : from 09am to...
14 April 2020


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