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29 May 2020
Stena Line Irish Sea
The Irish Government has approved emergency funding for five key ferry routes on the Irish Sea. The five Irish ferry routes Dublin - Cherbourg, Rosslare - Fishguard, Rosslare - ...
09 April 2020
Cooking is either a chore or a passion, there never really seems to be any in-between. Recently we have all had to adapt to the fact that our favourite restaurants, take-outs and cafes have been...
09 April 2020
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Please see below a revised schedule to allow for essential maintenance: Please note some new developments on the route: Freight drivers are welcome on all sailings and are offered single...
09 April 2020
BAF down
BAF and MARPOL prices have seen a decrease again this month. DFDS Dover <> Calais MARPOL rates for 0 - 12 metres vehicles are down from £4.24 to £0.16 this month. P&O Dover <...
08 April 2020


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