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UPDATED 17/01/2020 14.16 GMT Operator Route Sailing Time Status Stena Line Fishguard - Rosslare 17/01/2020 13.10 CANCELLED (TECHNICAL) Stena Line Rosslare - Fishguard…
17 January 2020
Make most of Freightlink
We want you to make the most of your bookings with Freightlink. Here are some handy tips to make the most of our services and avoid unnecessary charges and delays to your journey. Open...
28 November 2019
The shortage of HGV drivers in the UK has reached an all time high, with 64% of transport businesses facing a severe skills shortage, according to the FTA. With over 60% of drivers being over the...
26 November 2019
Finnlines logo
Further to the dispute on the Post collective agreement and the support strikes by the Transport Union and Seafarers' Union among others, Finnlines services have since Thursday 21 November been...
26 November 2019
Vehicle locked symbols
It may be difficult to imagine, but in the current climate it’s possible that your HGV or van could be stolen or hijacked and used as a weapon. Whilst it may seem dramatic, the use of vehicles to...
21 November 2019


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