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P&O Ferries have released the following statement; Please note that roadworks will take place on the Belfast bound carriageway of the A8 flyover in Larne over the following weekends: …
16 September 2019
Unity Line logo
Unity Line have released a statement;  We would like to inform that the ferry 'GALILEUSZ' will be out of service because of the planned shipyard overhauling as from 09.07.2019 til 22.07....
26 June 2019
P&O Ferries Logo
P&O Ferries have released an updated statement about their Vehicle Booking System in Teesport;  A quick reminder regarding the Vehicle Booking System (VBS) in Teesport.  PD...
26 June 2019
Night time driving
If you're a driver and regularly 'tramping', you know there is nothing worse than having plenty of time on your hands with nothing to do. The good people at Trucknet have let us know some of the ways...
25 June 2019
Plastic cup rubbish
In the past year alone, more awareness has been brought to the impact of climate change than ever before. The ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising and over 12 million tonnes of plastic enter...
24 June 2019


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