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Eurotunnel VP survey infographic
We recently surveyed our Eurotunnel Freight Vans on Passenger (VP) customers about their experience with Freightlink and the Eurotunnel service for commercial van drivers, couriers and logistics companies.…
16 October 2018
Wightlink new double loading deck
Work has now started on the new Wightlink ship and Portsmouth port improvements with an expected delivery date of Spring 2018. The £45 million project follows on from the introduction of...
24 November 2016
van drivers and owner-driver freight questions
Are you an owner-driver? Do you work for yourself as a courier or you have a small business with a few vans? Well, you are not alone. We do business with many similar businesses everyday and receive...
23 November 2016
hgv fuel pumps
Whether you're driving your family car locally or hauling a load to Poland via ferry, diesel and petrol prices are constantly fluctuating. It is also not helped by the weak pound and issues with...
22 November 2016
Irish Sea updates
Owing to exceptional circumstances overnight the following are amended sailing schedule for today Tuesday 22nd November, 2016. Irish Ferries Please note a revised Epsilon sailing is...
22 November 2016


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