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With Freightlink and Brittany Ferries you can book a cheaper ferry crossing from the UK to France, Spain to the UK or Ireland to France.

Click on the routes to the right to find freight ferry prices for vans, rigids or artics on Brittany Ferries routes such as Portsmouth-Caen, Portsmouth-Bilbao or Poole-Cherbourg.

You can also check ferry schedules for Brittany Ferries freight ferry routes such as Santander-Portsmouth, Roscoff-Cork and Portsmouth-St. Malo.

For further information about Brittany Ferries or Brittany Ferries freight ferry services please contact our Customer Service Team on +44 (0) 844 847 9000.

Or see below for more information on Brittany Ferries and their freight routes.

Map of Routes

Brittany Ferries was formed in 1972 by a group of Breton farmers who wanted to export their produce from Roscoff to Plymouth. It has developed into a leading maritime carrier on the Western Channel linking the South Coast of England with Northern France and Northern Spain. Brittany Ferries offers a range of freight ferry routes from Portsmouth, ferry routes from Poole and ferry routes from Plymouth . These routes provide freight ferries to Caen, freight ferries to Cherbourg, freight ferries to St. Malo, freight ferries to Roscoff, freight ferries to Santander and freight ferries to Bilbao. Brittany Ferries also operate a seasonal ferry between Ireland and France, providing a ferry route between Roscoff and Cork. In 2013 Brittany Ferries celebrated their 40th anniversary and they now operate eight vessels across 10 routes. They operate the popular Portsmouth to Santander and Portsmouth to Bilbao ferries to Spain. The Poole to Santander and Poole to Bilbao freight ferries were terminated in 2013. Facilities on Brittany Ferries freight ferries include a range of lounges, bars, cinemas and restaurants. Comfortable cabins mean that freight drivers will get a good sleep on board too. If you travel on a ferry from the UK to France you will also receive a 50% meal discount voucher or if you are on a ferry from the UK to Spain meals are included.

To make a Brittany Ferries freight ferry booking with Freightlink from Spain to the UK, France to the UK or Ireland to France click on the routes to the right for prices and Brittany Ferries sailing schedules.  


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  1. Bilbao - Portsmouth
  2. Caen - Portsmouth
  3. Cherbourg - Poole
  4. Cork - Roscoff
  5. Le Havre - Portsmouth
  6. Plymouth - Roscoff
  7. Plymouth - Santander
  8. Plymouth - St Malo
  9. Poole - Cherbourg
  10. Portsmouth - Bilbao
  11. Portsmouth - Caen
  12. Portsmouth - Le Havre
  13. Portsmouth - Santander
  14. Portsmouth - St Malo
  15. Roscoff - Cork
  16. Roscoff - Plymouth
  17. Santander - Plymouth
  18. Santander - Portsmouth
  19. St Malo - Plymouth
  20. St Malo - Portsmouth

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