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Cobelfret Ferries

Cobelfret (also called CLDN) offer freight ferry crossings to the Netherlands and Belgium from the UK.

With Freightlink and Cobelfret you can book a cheaper freight ferry crossing from the UK to the Netherlands, and to Belgium.

You can click on the routes to the right to find prices for artics and trailers on CLDN ferry routes such as Purfleet Zeebrugge and Killingholme Rotterdam.

You can also check ferry times for Cobelfret ferry routes like Purfleet Rotterdam and Zeebrugge Killingholme.

For further information about Cobelfret ferries or freight services, please contact our Customer Service team on +44(0)844 847 9000.

Map of Routes

Cobelfret is a freight only ferry operator that provides routes to and from Great Britain, Continental Europe and Scandinavia. The company was founded in 1928 and employs over 1500 people. 2012 saw Cobelfret have a turnover of more than €1.1billion Cobelfret have about 20 ships in their fleet including the M/F Adeline built in 2012 which sails on the Purfleet Zeebrugge route.

In 2012 Cobelfret stopped operating the Rotterdam Ipswich and Ipswich Rotterdam services, which had been very popular with drivers. Cobelfret’s ferry services are designed to provide for the unaccompanied freight market and they specialise in shipping unaccompanied trailers, containers and pieces of plant.

As an unaccompanied specialist Cobelfret’s services which link the North East and South East of England with Holland and Belgium can only take 12 drivers per crossing. Although this is the case, whether you travel on these routes, from Holland to the UK or from the UK to Zeebrugge, Cobelfret ferries provide drivers with a basic but modern range of services and facilities. To make a Cobelfret freight ferry booking with Freightlink from the UK to Belgium or Holland to the UK click on the routes to the right for prices and Cobelfret sailing schedules.


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  1. Esbjerg - Zeebrugge
  2. Gothenburg - Zeebrugge
  3. Killingholme - Rotterdam
  4. Killingholme - Zeebrugge
  5. Purfleet - Rotterdam
  6. Purfleet - Zeebrugge
  7. Rotterdam - Killingholme
  8. Rotterdam - Purfleet
  9. Zeebrugge - Esbjerg
  10. Zeebrugge - Gothenburg
  11. Zeebrugge - Killingholme
  12. Zeebrugge - Purfleet

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