Stena Line No Show & Late Handling Charges 2022


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As from 1 January 2022, We will invoice the amounts stated above in case of No Shows or Late Handlings. This step is taken in order to increase efficiency and utilisation of our ships and ensure the maximum space is available for our customers.

No Shows and Late Handlings will be measured separately per individual customer account number for each route on a monthly basis. Even though there is a potential charge to be imposed, our ambition is to minimise the number of invoices, and instead continuously work on reducing No Shows and Late Handlings, monitor exceptions and also allow some flexibility when a driver communicates in time with our customer service team, via app or online services in case of traffic disruptions. There will be a threshold of 3% for No Shows and 5% for Late Handlings, whereby no charge will occur. However, if the number of No Shows/Late Handlings exceeds the threshold, there will be a charge from the very first unit.

    Hoek van Holland ⇄ Harwich19216458504
    Hoek van Holland ⇄ Killingholme24621074634
    Rotterdam ⇄ Harwich13311440344
    Rotterdam ⇄ Immingham17214752444
    Belfast ⇄ Cairnryan998529251
    Belfast ⇄ Heysham13511541353
    Belfast ⇄ Liverpool16414053453
    Dublin ⇄ Holyhead13511541351
    Rosslare ⇄ Fishguard1119529252
    Rosslare ⇄ Cherbourg328280998512
    Karlskrona ⇄ Gdynia19016255476
    Gothenburg ⇄ Frederikshavn15012845382
    Halmstad ⇄ Grenaa15012845382
    Gothenburg ⇄ Kie21017963543
    Trelleborg ⇄ Rostock12010336312
    Nynäshamn ⇄ Ventspils25021470606
    Travemünde ⇄ Liepaja20017160516


    • No Shows are confirmed bookings (including block bookings) that are not used
    • Late Handlings are confirmed bookings (including block bookings) that are cancelled/transferred within above hours before the scheduled sailing time