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All-Time Record for Truck Traffic Through the Channel Tunnel

2016 has been an excellent year so far for one of our operators Eurotunnel, with an all-time record achieved for truck traffic through the channel tunnel.

Truck traffic has seen an increase of 10% which has contributed to a revenue increase of 4% to €443 million. Great news for Eurotunnel and Freightlink.

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Eurotunnel SE stated:

“Month after month Eurotunnel has broken traffic records, particularly for the Truck Shuttles. The Tunnel has never been as highly utilised as it is today. Despite the financial market uncertainty generated by the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union, the Group remains confident in the performance of its economic model and in its outlook.”

Eurotunnel has had the best half-year ever for the truck shuttle, with almost 830,000 trucks and lorries transported in the first half of the year. A record which has seen market share increase by 2 points to 39.7%.

Mark Stephens, Director at Freightlink says

"It's great to see that Eurotunnel is doing well, particuarly in the truck and freight movement industry. For the fastest way to travel to France, Eurotunnel offers up to 8 crossings per hour at peak times. Good news for our haulier customers who need quick and efficient access to Europe."

Eurotunnel are now investing heavily in truck traffic with the delivery of the first wagon of three new truck shuttles in April. The first of the new truck shuttles is expected to begin operation by the end of the year.

To book your vehicle on Eurotunnel's Truck Shuttle service visit our Eurotunnel booking page.


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