Ferry Travel for Abnormal, Wide or Heavy Loads

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lgv diagramFreightlink have a dedicated team who specialise in the booking of ferries for abnormal, wide, heavy or 'out of gauge' loads on routes across Europe.

If your load or vehicle is -

  • Wider than a standard 2.5 metre trailer
  • Longer than 19 metres
  • Heavier than 50 tonnes

then it probably requires a special ferry booking with the ferry operator due to loading ramp and link span restrictions.

Other things that need to be considered when booking a ferry crossing with a larger than normal load include -

  • Weight and number of wheels per axle
  • Spacing between axles
  • Height and ground clearance
  • Special handling instructions
  • Axle, wheel and suspension type

You now need a keeper’s certificate for an abnormal load trailer to use it abroad. Keep the certificate in the vehicle to show at border crossings.

Some countries measure abnormal loads differently from the UK. Check with each country you’re travelling through to find out if the load you’re transporting counts as abnormal there.

Apply for a keeper’s certificate for an abnormal load trailer to use it abroad now.

abnormal loadsDON'T WORRY, WE CAN HELP

If this all sound too complicated, don't panic! We have a knowledgable and experienced team to offer advice and sort the ferry booking for you.

Our team will check with all of the available operators and routes to see whether they are able to take your load. We will then check whether any additional paperwork is required, offer you our competitive rates and then YOU'RE READY TO GO!


If you are unsure of how to get to a certain destination with your abnormal load, let us know where you are starting from and where you need to get to by using the contact form below and we'll be in touch to sort your ferry booking.

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