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We're a 'Great Place to Work'

We think Freightlink is a pretty special place to work, but you don't need to just take our word for it... Our team are happy to give an insight.

Digital Marketing

"Freightlink is a fantastic place to work. Working here has really helped me develop my skill set with access to training and events provided. There are so many different cultures that work at Freightlink. It really adds to the atmosphere. Our website is constantly evolving as we look to stay ahead of the game and our competitors. Anyone who works here contributes to that in some form. We have a real team ethos and spirit." Ste

Customer Service

"I've worked for Freightlink for many years now, and I can honestly say that it's a great place to work. As a busy department, making sure that everyone is happy is important. At Freightlink, this is a priority". Aneta

Digital Development

"As a digital development team, we work very closely to come up with new ideas and innovations. Freightlink always encourage new ideas and as a developer that's a great environment to work in. My love of digital development extends beyond the working day. Freightlink helps with that." Mike


"I like working here. If I had to summarise in one word what it is like to work for Freightlink, I’d say it is brilliant. At this company everybody shares the work with each other. Even senior management participates in the most difficult or time consuming tasks. Working in the freight ferry industry is not always stress free but we do everything we can to create a friendly environment." Becky

Freightlink Reload

"The reason I like working at Freightlink is because I am given the freedom to make my own decisions in business. There is a great atmosphere within the office which creates a more productive team and gets results. Having worked in many logistics companies over my 18 years in the freight forwarding business I can say Freightlink is by far the best place to work." Kevin

Some of the Perks of Working at Freightlink

pension scheme
free car parking
multi lingual friendly team