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Here at Freightlink, we believe that our team are our greatest asset. We thrive on diversity and have built a unique and extraordinary family. We continually work together to keep Freightlink in it's place as the leading European freight ferry and tunnel ticket agent.

The Freightlink Team

We know that Freightlink is a special place to work, but don't need to just take our word for it... Look at what our incredible team have to say.

Marketing & SEO

"Freightlink is a fantastic place to work. Working here has really helped me develop my skill set with access to training and events provided. Our website is constantly evolving as we look to stay ahead of the game and our competitors. Anyone who works here contributes to that in some form. We have a real team ethos and spirit." Ste

Customer Service

"I've worked for Freightlink for many years now, and I can honestly say that it's a great place to work. As a busy department, making sure that everyone is happy is important. At Freightlink, this is a priority". Aneta

Software Development

"As a software development team, we work very closely to come up with new ideas and innovations. Freightlink always encourage new ideas and as a developer that's a great environment to work in. My love of digital development extends beyond the working day. Freightlink helps with that." Mike


"I love working here. If I had to summarise in one word what it is like to work for Freightlink, I’d say it is brilliant. Working in the freight ferry industry is not always stress free but there is plenty of support provided." Monika
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Our values

welcoming company value


We care and make others feel appreciated, included, and accepted.

caring company value


We are kind and respectful to both each other and our customers. We are eager to help whenever we can, consistently maintaining a caring environment and approach within the business, whilst understanding that a work-life balance is the key to being happy.

reliable company value


We consistently provide an accurate, high-quality performance.

trustworthy company value


We are open and transparent, empowering our teams to always do the right thing for our customers, our colleagues, and the wider business.

expertise company value


With two decades of industry experience we are driven to live up to our reputation and to have the best knowledge in all areas of the business, including multilingual skills to surpass customer expectations.