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DFDS Update - Introduction of Onboard Custom Status Screens

To support our valued freight customers with the new customs formalities from the 1st January 2022 (Mainly the introduction of the UK Customs formalities)

DFDS have carried out some development work to enable the current “Custom Status Screens” onboard our vessels, to show the customs status of freight vehicles in both directions.

What does this mean?

Drivers will now be able to check the customs status of their vehicles in both directions (GB - EU and now EU – GB)

When will the screens switch over direction?

The screens are automatically updated once the vessel manifest has been finalised/sailed within the systems. This will take approximately 10-15 minutes after departure.

What if a driver can not see their trailer details on the screen?

The driver can check their customs status before arriving in the UK by using this website link https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/driver-inspection-notification/search

The above link will be available at the kiosks on-board, situated in the RoadKings area.

Please also encourage the drivers to save this link on their phones/iPads etc

Where do the drivers have to go if it shows the word “Customs” when arriving in the UK

When arriving in Newhaven the drivers are to report to customs control area within the port

When arriving in Dover the driver should already know which Inland border inspection facility they need to report too. However, If they are unsure then they must report to at least one of the Inland Border Inspection Facilities below.



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04 January 2022

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