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Wightlink Ferries

Wightlink Ferries Ferry Routes

19 crossings per day
45 minute crossing
12 crossings per day
40 minute crossing
19 crossings per day
45 minute crossing
12 crossings per day
40 minute crossing

Freight ferries to the Isle of Wight with Wightlink.

Wightlink offer ferries for freight vehicles on the Portsmouth-Fishbourne and Yarmouth-Lymington ferry routes.

Wightlink are one of the largest domestic ferry operators in the UK with their routes dating back to 1796 when the first ferries began operating across the Solent to the Isle of Wight. Now, every year they carry over 5 million passengers, 1.2 million cars and 200,000 freight vehicles and a revenue of £51 million makes them one of the biggest domestic operators in the UK.

Wightlink operate a fleet of 7 vessels on their Lymington and Yarmouth and Fishbourne Portsmouth ferry routes. The latest of these ferries - The Wight Light, The Wight Sun and The Wight Sky all entered service in 2009. These ships improved reliability on Solent ferry services and offer modern onboard facilities.

There are also a 2 further catamaran fast ferries operating on the route from Portsmouth to Ryde for foot passengers. Across the three routes every year Wightlink sail around 255,000 miles between the Island and the Mainland and every year carry over 1000 toilets especially for the Isle of Wight Festival.

Map of Routes


Key Facts

  • Berth in cabin included
  • Fuel surcharges apply
  • Hazardous cargo accepted
  • Livestock accepted
  • Meals included
  • No show / late cancellation charges
  • Unaccompanied freight accepted
  • Check in time prior to departure: 1 hour
  • Max. no of drivers: 5 people
  • Drivers included in price: 2 drivers

Please note, may not apply to all sailings. See details when booking.