What is Dover TAP?

Introduced in April 2015, Dover TAP (Traffic Assessment Project) is a temporary traffic management system which queues port-bound lorries in the nearside (left) lane of the A20 after the Roundhill Tunnel to prevent Dover becoming congested with traffic and helping to improve its air quality.

  • 40 mph speed restriction for all vehicles approaching Dover from the west via the A20
  • At peak times, lorries 1queuing in the left lane will be held by traffic lights at the entry to Dover until space at the port becomes available
  • Lay-bys in the area be closed
  • The Coast-bound on-slip at the Courtwood junction will be closed occasionally

You will be turned back if you are a lorry driver intending to cross the Channel at Dover and you use the right-hand lane. Police and cameras help monitor and enforce this requirement.

You risk being prosecuted if

  • You are the driver of any vehicle that exceeds the 40 mph speed limit at any time. Fixed and mobile speed cameras help monitor and enforce this requirement
  • You use your horn while stationary, exit your cab or throw rubbish out on to the carriageway

For more information, visit the Dover Traffic Assessment Project (TAP) guidance website.

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