Freightlink Port Pass Generator


  • You can now alter your vehicle declaration settings on the first page of the Port Pass Generator - handy if you have made a mistake earlier on the booking details page
  • If a particular Port Pass is not required for part of your journey, you can now skip that Port Pass
  • Irish PBNs are now processed automatically
  • We have improved the support for vehicles travelling on Transit and ATA Carnet documents
  • After customer feedback, we have improved the guidance provided with detailed tooltip descriptions

Introducing the NEW Freightlink Port Pass Generator.

As well as full customs paperwork and an Entry Summary Declaration, a port pass is required on many routes between GB and the EU. You will not be permitted access to the port without these being fully completed.

A port pass is a Goods Movement Reference (GMR) in Great Britain & Northern Ireland using the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS), Pre-Boarding Notification (PBN) number in Republic of Ireland with Irish Revenue and logistics envelope with the SI Brexit system in France. It is also an approval system for the Netherlands (Portbase) and Belgium (RX Seaport).

You can generate a port pass with the Freightlink Port Pass Generator. Take a look at our short video to see how simple the process is.


  1. From the booking details screen, select 'yes' on the 'I want to use Freightlink to generate my port passes'. Please note, on some routes the port pass generator must be used to get approval for travel, so this option will not be displayed.
  2. Also, confirm that you (or a third party) will be completing the customs declaration and Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) by ticking the box.
  3. Once your booking has been confirmed, you will be prompted to complete your port pass submission on the Port Pass Generator.
  4. You will need your completed customs declarations to do this.
  5. Once you have confirmed your route, select 'get started' and add your MRN for your booking. If you have multiple MRNs for one load, select the 'add' button to include these. Please note, on some routes additional information such as ENS MRN, document type and gross weight are also required.
  6. Once your MRN has been submitted and validated by the relevant port system, you will receive your port pass reference for your journey in your port passes dashboard and by email.