Are electrical connections for refrigeration available for vehicles on board ferries?

Plugin electrical facilities are usually available for refrigerated vehicles on board ferries. These tend to be 440V and 60 Hz, but it can vary depending on the ferry operator.


Stena Line

On Stena Line it must be 440v and 60Hz. If you have something different, this must be mentioned as there is a limited amount of transformers.

DFDS Ireland ⇄ France

The Optima

The ship can only accept vans with a 5 PIN (330\440v) plug. 3 PIN plugs with a 5 PIN adaptor will not be accepted.

Vans can run on diesel but must have a separate fuel tank specifically for use with the fridge.

For health and safety reasons, vans will not be permitted to leave their engine running during the crossing.

The Visborg

The ship can accept vans with a 5 PIN (330\440v) plug and a limited number spaces are available for vans with a 3 PIN (220v) plug.

Vans will not be permitted to run on diesel on this ship due to no outer deck space for vans.

We would suggest you contact our customer service team before booking if you are unsure of your requirements and the availability on board. It may also be useful to carry the appropriate converter.

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