Do I have to pay VAT on ferry tickets?

Yes, freight ferry tickets (including Eurotunnel) are subject to VAT at the applicable rate (currently 20% in the UK).

All prices shown on our website exclude VAT which will be added at the end of your transaction. All quotations given over the phone or by email will also exclude VAT unless explicitly stated in writing. VAT will then be added at the time of payment.

If you are based in the United Kingdom, we will charge you the appropriate level of UK VAT regardless of the countries you are booking ferry tickets between as your purchase is from a UK based business.

If you are a customer who resides outside the United Kingdom, provided you supply us with written confirmation of your VAT number (registered to you in your country of origin), then we will not charge you VAT.

If you are resident outside the United Kingdom, but are not VAT registered in your country of origin then you will be charged VAT at the applicable UK rate.

The VAT registration number for Freight Link Solutions Ltd is GB842181344.

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