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Brittany Ferries - Hazardous Goods Declaration System Upgrade

Brittany Ferries has recently upgraded its hazardous system to "Hazcheck".

In principle, the process of sending a DGN to our reservations teams will remain the same. There will be additional information that is required on the hazardous documentation to guarantee there are no issues on embarkation.

  • All weights (net weight, gross weight, and total capacity for liquid substances) will need to be written on the DGN (example: 3x 5L = 15L total capacity).
  • An outer packaging code is preferred for efficiency and to have precise information. These codes can be found online or in the IMDG code (example: 4G = Fibreboard boxes / 3A1 = Steel Jerricans). Free text such as "TRAYS" or "PALLETS" will not be accepted.
  • Emergency contact details must be noted, and all DGNs must have a signed and completed declaration box (shippers declaration and packaging certificate).
  • All details regarding the cargo (UN number / LQ / EQ / Marine Pollutant / Flashpoint / Packaging Group / Technical Name) should still be detailed accordingly.

Failure to provide a correctly filled out DGN with all relevant information could result in delays and/or short shipment of your cargo.

An example DGN and guide can be found on our freight website under Specialised Traffic > Hazardous Cargoes.

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27 September 2023

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