New Customers FAQ

Welcome to Freightlink. If you're new to freight bookings, we know there are some things that you might not have experienced before. Here are some of the common questions our new customers tend to ask.

Where can I check sailing availability?

Unfortunately not all of the ferry operators provide real-time space availability information. If you would like to check availability for specific sailings, please contact customer services.

How do I know what is included in my ticket?

On the right-hand side of each crossing schedule you will see a 'Details' button. When you click this button, you will be able to see what's included with the ticket such as meals, cabins etc.

How far ahead must I place a booking?

To increase the likelihood of securing your ticket, we recommend booking your ticket as soon as possible. You must also ensure you have completed all necessary customs requirements before check in.

Where can I find the status of my booking?

You can view your booking status and more by viewing your account dashboard.

What is an EDI booking?

Around 80% of our operators are connected to us via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). This means we have a direct, real-time connection to the operator for new bookings and updates.

When will I receive my booking invoices?

Once we have received confirmation from the operator that your vehicle has shipped, your invoice will be emailed to the email address provided with the original booking.

What do the different booking statuses mean?

Our Track & Trace tool displays the following 'in progress' statuses for your booking -

ASR - Awaiting Supplier Response

We have sent your booking details to the ferry operator and are waiting for confirmation that this information has been received.

ACR - Awaiting Customer Response

We are waiting for more information/details or for a specific decision from the customer before proceeding with the booking. Your booking cannot be pushed from ACR to Complete without us receiving this information from you first.

WL - Waiting List

Your booking is on standby. This can be for a number of reasons. To learn more, get in touch with our customer services team.

In the Freightlink App, how do I select the correct size of my vehicle?

After tapping the drop-down icon next to vehicle options, you can scroll through the different vehicle types and lengths to choose the one that applies to your vehicle.

How accurate does my information need to be when making a booking?

It is essential that you provide us with correct, accurate information. If you are unsure about something you need to provide, contact our customer services team.